How Adding Urgency Helps Improve Conversion Rates

It really is no secret that urgency can help improve conversion rates.  You have visitors searching for your product or service and give them a deadline for taking advantage of a special offer of some kind.

There are, of course, many ways to leverage urgency in your marketing but today we are going to look at one particular example of how it helped one client improve conversion rates.

How Urgency Helped One Company Improve Its Conversion  Rates

This particular campaign was centered around a physical product being shipped.  The company had initially set the introductory price and due to some recent events through a distributor wanted to increase their price, then offering periodic sales throughout the year.

Since we don’t blindly change anything and test everything we wanted to see how adding some sense of urgency to the introductory price turned out and how it worked to improve conversions rates or what impact it would have on it.

The results are actually pretty interesting from a test perspective.

The control, in this case, had just the normal page with the price as an introductory offer of $99.

The first variation had the urgency message right above the “order” button as pictured below.


The second variation added the urgency message above the call to action on the page and also included the messaging from version two.  So it stated the urgency in two places.


Now, something to point out before we share just how much this helped improve conversion rates is that during the buying process the visitor must customize their product using a series of drop-down forms only revealing the “order” button once they had selected.  We feel that showing the urgency above the message helped improve the conversion rates more as it was visible upon page load.

And the results?


The second variation converted at 41% better with the urgency message above and below the custom selection form.

But what is interesting is where the urgency message was featured above the “order” button.  It actually was better to not include the messaging at all because the control converted at 32% better.

Interesting to say the least.

So if you are looking to improve conversion rates try throwing in some sense of urgency, testing out areas where you feel urgency would be of benefit.

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