Does Button Text Matter? More Proof You Should Test Your Buttons

We have had some congruency in message recently all centered around “buttons”.  A couple weeks ago in our post we saw that changing Add To Bag to Add To Cart increased one clients sales conversions 84.1%.
Buttons of course aren’t the ONLY thing we test.  They are actually a small part of what we do in the overall picture of things but as if you needed more proof that testing your buttons is vital to an optimization plan, we have another case study for you today.
This time we have a “Free Audio Download” product in exchange for the name and email address of the visitor or in other words the “lead magnet”.
The original buttons said “Give Me The Download”, so as we are doing some incremental changes and we know that buttons hold a whole lot of weight on conversions we tested them.
Can you guess which one converts better?
Well here are the awesome results.
The conversion % was already pretty good but can always be better.
As you can see by the results…  The control converted at about 37.25%.  Variation 1 (Instant Download) converted only slightly better than the control at 37.5%.  Variation 2 (Free Download) converted at 45.95% or 23.3% better than the control.  Then you have variation 3 (Download Now) actually reducing the conversions by 34.9% and converting at only 24.4%.
So out of every 100 visitors to this particular landing page instead of roughly 37 leads, this particular page is bringing in 46 leads or an extra 10 leads from the same advertising spend and the same amount of traffic.
This page gets quite a bit more traffic than that, so you are looking at dozens if not hundreds of more leads from one minor change in the messaging.
Many companies fail to pay attention to these minor elements and often focus on bigger changes to increase their conversions.  What we have found is that even the smallest changes can have the bigger overall impact.
Our question for you today is…  are you paying attention to the “little things” in your marketing?
We have proven this time and time again on multiple campaigns in different industries.  The little things can matter more than the bigger changes.
Leave us a comment, like, share, subscribe.  We want to hear from you.  If you have questions or want us to take a look at your pages to suggest some areas of improvement, feel free to reach out.
That is all for today.  Now go out there and test some buttons!