Custom Shipping Materials – How To Create More Brand Awareness

Branding is a really important aspect of your business that extends far beyond your company logo. Branding encompasses your entire user experience, from your website’s design and social media interactions to the way you handle customer support.

Another lesser considered way that branding can factor into your user experience is through your packaging materials.

Many companies don’t put any extra thought into the packaging materials they use, which includes items like shipping boxes, bags, and tape. And while branded packaging materials may not seem high on the priority list, they are an easy way to give your company an added push towards building more brand awareness and customer loyalty. Plus, they help establish an emotional connection and emphasize your company’s attention to detail. 
But if you’re worried about the added expense…

“The cost of printing has minimal impact on box cost on any order size,” says Dennis Salazar, President and Co-Founder of Salazar Packaging.

So with minimal costs and the potential to gain more repeat customers, creating a more branded shipping experience is definitely worth looking into.

How To Brand Awareness With Your Shipping

1. Brand your boxes

Non-branded boxes serve their purpose just fine: transporting the items your customers order from point A to point B. But the experience of receiving a package in the mail feels much more high-end when the package includes a logo or full design on all sides.

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Plus, the potential for creating brand awareness is high. A non-branded box leaves little indication as to the identity of the package’s sender. A branded box, on the other hand, lets customers know instantly. Even if a customer isn’t wholly familiar with the company they ordered from, a branded box can help reinforce future brand awareness.

Here are three companies you can use to create custom shipping boxes:

  1. Custom Boxes Now
  2. Packlane
  3. The Custom Boxes

Each company offers a variety of color choices, box styles, and custom options, and they get back to you quickly with pricing quotes.

2. Brand your shipping bags

Shipping bags don’t make sense for every company. But if you want to add an element of sophistication, making your customers feel like they are getting something luxe and high quality, shipping bags are a great idea.

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Bags & Bows is one company where you can find a ton of shipping bag options, ranging from Kraft paper to fabric bags (perfect if you sell jewelry or other small trinkets). Bags & Bows also has tissue paper, ribbons, basket shred, and raffia (plus eco-friendly options) to complete your bags’ look.

3. Brand your shipping tape

Another way to create a more memorable shipping experience is to use branded shipping tape (although if you’re already using branded boxes or bags, adding branded shipping tape could be overkill).

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If you’re interested, here are three companies that provide custom shipping tape services:

  1. Plus Packaging
  2. Uline
  3. Seton

You can add your logo, choose the font, text size, and color scheme, and get a quote very quickly.

4. Turn The Unboxing Of Your Products Into An Event

People impart excitement into mundane experiences all the time. Just think of the number of photos of people’s dinners that filter through social media each day. So why not get your customers excited about documenting the unboxing of their purchases?

Loot Crate does something really cool in this regard…

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The company includes hashtags on the sides of its boxes. And inside, it says, “Don’t forget to photograph and film your unboxing!” Next, it includes links to the company’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube profiles, encouraging customers to share their unboxing experiences with the Loot Crate community.

Other things you could add to your boxes include coupon codes or QR codes, directing customers to special offer links or videos.

What do you think of these ideas for making your shipping more brandable? What effect do you think branded shipping materials would have on your customers? Let us know what you think!