Top A/B Split Test Ideas To Increase Your Conversions (Part 1)

When looking at split testing and conversion rate optimization there are really only 3 elements that drive out conversions.

Persuasion: How do the copy and design elements of your site work together to compel visitors to buy?

Usability: How effectively do the pages of your site guide visitors through a step-by-step process that leads to a sale?

Trust: How safe to visitors feel buying from your site?  Is the trust element there?

After thousands of split tests we have boiled it down to the top elements that can have the most impact on your conversion rates when testing and something you need to pay attention to.  Here are 3 of them for you today.


– You basically only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of the visitor and pull them into the rest of the page.  The headline is the tool to do just that.

– Since attention especially in today’s busy online world is a valuable resource your headline is a vital element that isn’t paid enough attention to.

– From just headline tests alone we have seen improvements in leads and sales anywhere from 30% all the way to well over 100%.

Tip: Use benefits, fear, curiosity, short punchy vs long and descriptive in your headliines to see what your audience responds to most.

Pricing and price highlights:

What if twice as many people bought at 10% lower price? Testing price allows you to take the assumptions of what you feel the price should be and leaves it all on the market to tell you their thoughts.  After all their opinion matters most.

Pay close attention to your customer value if you are lowering your price because although you may get more customers, you may actually make less money in the short or even the long term.

How you display the price is crucial as well.  Highlight discounts in relation to the regular price and the “sale price”.  Show the discounts for example “50% Off” or $20 Off.

Another way is to basically price position where you show a premium version of the product at a much higher price to actually make the lower priced option more attractive.

Lastly we have…

Call to action:

Every page should be designed to get a visitor to take one specific action whether that be to generate a lead or make a sale.  Push them and tell them exactly what to do.  Don’t just assume they know what to do.  Test things like I vs. you phrasing emotional vs mechanical such as…  Show me the trick vs proceed to checkout.  A good call to action leveraged on every step of the process can really make a difference in your online conversion rate.

That is all we have for today.  Check back again for our next video where we reveal a few more crucial elements you need to pay attention to when you are split testing.

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