Could a simple click be pulling down your conversions

A prospect is on your site taking in all the sales goodness you have on your site.
They are seeing the benefits, foaming at the mouth, and reaching for their credit card to buy your amazing product or service.
But there is something holding them back from going through with the purchase.
There have been many tests performed on whether it is better to have prospects click on a button to be taken to your secure order page or if you should just show them the form right there on the page.
Since we don’t assume anything is going to convert better we did what we do best and that is test it.
We had a client that was using a video to sell their solution, which in this case was a training system.
At a particular time in the video, it was coded to show a button which contained a clear call to action to make a purchase.  The prospect would then have to click the button to be directed to the secure checkout page.
What we did was setup a test that had the checkout form show up on the same page as the video, so the prospect wouldn’t have to click a button to be taken to the secure checkout page, thus eliminating a step in the process.
The result from this little test actually proved our assumptions to be correct. In that it would increase conversions to skip the “click”.
In this case skipping the “click” increased the conversions 43.59%
Which means if we had 1000 unique visits to the sales page, the “click” version at the 2.3% conversion rate would have had 23 people order, while the on page checkout version would have 33 orders.
That is a huge increase from making one small change.
We encourage you to try this little trick out for yourself, if you are having people click to be taken to your order form.  You might just be surprised at how much of an impact it has on your conversions.
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