Can this type of video increase conversions?

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As technology continually advances and internet speeds increase more people are turning to video in all aspects of their marketing.
From content sharing, sales messages, and even delivery of products.
But the big question is does video actually increase your conversion rate? Well the answer is that it depends on the market, the product, and the purpose. We have seen video increase conversions 300% or more and have also seen video decrease the conversion rate.
What I want to share with you today is a little trick that has proven to increase conversions more times than not. I am talking about using a video message on your checkout page.
This works particularly well with web traffic and even more so if you are using other video in your sales funnel. Unfortunately because video can be difficult on mobile it doesn’t work nearly as well from tests we have ran.
What is the video?
On the checkout page in the sidebar, next to the actual form, place a small video (you can test auto play vs not), of the face of the company (CEO, founder, or other). Talking head style video works the best as it builds an even bigger level of trust.
Use a script similar to this…
“My name is (NAME) and I am the (TITLE) of (COMPANY NAME OR SITE). For over (NUMBER OF YEARS) we have been producing the best selling (Whatever product industry you are in) with over (NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS) in (NUMBER OF COUNTRIES). I just wanted to know that I personally guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products and if you have any questions, we have a fabulous support team available by calling PHONE or by going to

All you have to do to (lock in savings, get instant access or whatever) is fill out the 100% secure order form on this page now. I look forward to (BENEFIT of Product again)

Fill out the secure form now and I will see you on the other side with a special opportunity I feel you are really going to enjoy.”

That last line is assuming you have an upsell path in place and they will see a special offer on the next page.  Additionally you can “assume the sale” as well as explain exactly what they are going to see on the next page to kick it up another level.

Of course you can play with the wording and the language of the script to fit your needs and product, but having the basics in place such as…

  • Who you are and why they should trust you
  • Benefits of the product and past results
  • How to contact support
  • If you have a refund policy such as 30,60, 90 days, state that as well
  • What is going to happen next after they buy from you (product delivery information)

The entire point of the video is to add another layer of trust coming from the head honcho at the company, letting them know they are in good hands.
If you have been having issues with people leaving your cart before purchase this type of video could definitely improve your successful checkout rate.
Try it out for yourself and see what kind of results you can get.