Can Adding A Bonus Increase Sales Conversions?


In some industries, bonuses are almost a guaranteed part of the sales process to help entice leads and visitors into making a purchase.  Most people don’t test them to prove their effectiveness so today we are going to look at a special case study to see if adding a bonus can in fact increase sales conversions.

Bonuses can come in many formats from e-books, videos, extra products, discounts on future purchases and basically anything that can add value to the order making the price of admission a no brainer for the visitor.

Can Adding A Bonus Increase Sales Conversions?

In this particular case study, the campaign in question was a lead generation campaign.  Once a visitor fills out the form they are taken to a special one time only offer to purchase a product at a discount rate. The purpose of the special offer is to not only get the new lead to make a buying decision but is also used to offset the advertising cost of the campaign.

We were looking for ways to increase sales conversions of this one time offer.  It was already converting a pretty good rate but we are in the business of making campaigns convert better so that is what we set out to do.

increase sales conversionsThis offer was presented in video format with the original offer page, not including anything about a special bonus.  The new variation (pictured above with some elements blocked for privacy) added in an e-book as a bonus.  The e-book is a great compliment to the main product in question.

We included a few bullets to show the benefits of the e-book as well.

Did it increase sales conversions?

increase sales conversions
Just adding the little blurb about the bonus e-book increased sales conversions 25.9%.

This means instead of 19% of new leads taking advantage of this special offer 24% are now purchasing without any extra cost added to delivering the bonus as it is digital.

So I would say that bonuses in this particular case help increase sales conversions.

A couple of key takeaways here are…

1.  Instead of just a plain offer try positioning it as a special one time offer
2.  See what you can add for bonuses to your product offering

Go out there and test some bonuses and let us know what your test results show.

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