Are You Getting The Return On Your Advertising You Want?

Are you getting the return on your advertising you want?

When marketing your product or service online it is no secret that 97% of the visitors you drive to your sales funnel will not buy something from you.

The question is, what do you do with that 97%?

In this article I will reveal 3 key things you can do to increase your return on your investment and pick up some of the lost profits.

First you need to give your prospects more of what they want.

Potential customers come to you for one of two reasons, to avoid a pain and gain a pleasure. That is what drives most buying decisions. So the question is does your product or service alleviate that pain or does it provide enough pleasure to your prospects in order for them to give your money?

If it does and you are still not getting the return that you want then there is a problem with your marketing message. You need to really hit home the pain and pleasure points that your product or service provides to the prospect in order better.  It really is that simple.

You need to get inside the heads of your prospects, find out what makes them tick, what your product can do to help that, and give it to them.

Second is reduce friction:

The more steps you have to your end goal the more friction you are going to have.  Basically this means you have to many roadblocks in the way of your end goal, which is to get your prospects to give you money. By eliminating those roadblocks and friction points you give your prospects a clear path to your end goal.

Take a look at your sales process and really think like your prospects.  Sometimes we assume what will be the best way but in fact it is not the best way at all. Assumptions in the online world are not good. I can’t even count how many times my “assumptions” were completely wrong when it came down to testing what would work better.

Some ways to reduce the friction in your buying process are…

  • Reduce the amount of options your prospects have to choose from:  Too many choices can lead to frustration, and frustration is not what we want.  Give them a clear path to what you want them to do.  More in most cases is not better.  You can’t be all things to all people.
  • Tell your prospects what you want to do:  If you want them to fill out a form on your site, tell them.  If you want them to perform other actions on your site, tell them.  Again you can’t assume your prospects will know what to do.  Guide them through your process and path to your end goal.
  • Give them every opportunity to buy:  I can’t count how many times I have seen companies that have hoops to jump through in order for prospects to give them money.  Give them every option you can in order to reach the end goal.  Some examples may be number of payment options, and methods to which they can buy from you.

Third is to test everything:

I go back to making assumptions.  Assumptions can KILL your business faster than you can blink. In order to prove your assumptions wrong or right you need to test.  At my company we go through a 27-point checklist of items to test.

Things like colors, layout, fonts, text, images, form fields just to name a few. Every aspect of your website and sales process has room for improvement.  I don’t care how pretty or amazing your site it, it can be improved and that is done through strategic and statistically significant testing. The little things matter, just one little change to the color or wording on a button on your site could dramatically increase your conversion rate but you won’t know until you test it.

Seriously sit down and think about what I have mentioned in this article as it applies to your business.

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