Abandoned Cart Emails – Your Best Tips, Tricks, And Examples [Infographic]

Guest post by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Most people have been in this position before: You think you’re going to purchase something online. You put the item into your cart, only to leave it behind.

People do this for a myriad of reasons. They might have second thoughts, for example, or they might decide to wait to purchase. They might get busy or have some kind of disruption occur, such as losing their internet connection. Whatever the case may be, the abandoned cart is there.

Now, as a marketing, sales, or business person, you’ve also experienced the other side of this situation—someone who’s lost sales due to people abandoning their carts on your site. You want to know why people do this, of course, but you also want to figure out what you can do to get more people to complete their purchases.

One strategy that’s often used is email: alerting customers that they’re missing out by not completing their transactions. Actually, a trio of emails is recommended for this strategy. But how can you construct these emails and what should you say?

The infographic below explains what you should do and why this strategy is useful.

Abandoned Cart Emails: Your Best Tips, Tricks, and Examples

Infographic provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What do you think of these email, best-practice suggestions to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts? What other tactics have you tried to lower your cart abandonment rate? Get in touch and share your thoughts.