55,173 Reasons For An Increase In Conversions

In our last post we discussed how proof elements play a role in conversion rates and as mentioned in that article we tested other areas of proof elements with that same client.

One of the places we tested it was on the video sales page but instead of testimonials we decided to test to see if showing proof of the number of existing members on the conversion rate.

On the sales page they had been showcasing the number of “responses” meaning the feedback on Facebook on the product.  Right below the video they mentioned “317 Responses From Real Members”

So instead we switched it to the number of existing members at the time, which was 55,173.

You see this kind of proof all across the web and even offline with the McDonalds promotion of “Over 1 Billion Served.”

We could assume, even though we never assume anything when it comes to marketing, that showing the number of people already served would have a positive impact on our results.  After-all, knowing that you are not the first one to test it out gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, or we think it would.  People tend not to want to be the Guinea pig and would rather follow in the path of others.

So what impact did this change have on our overall conversion rate?

Well we setup a simple A/B test to see what the results were.

On the original page it stated the 317 responses and had a screenshot of the responses (or some of them).  On the second page we changed it to “55,173 Members And Counting…”

And the results?55173members
…158.77% increase in results.

To say that we were shocked at the results is an understatement.  We had a feeling it would have an impact but more than double the conversion rate?  Of course we will take it.

Just another simple example of areas that you can use proof in your marketing to increase your online results.
Go through your marketing materials and see if there are places you can incorporate different proof elements.

Think outside the box.  You can use user stories, testimonials, video inserts, ratings, reviews, number of active members, and the list goes on and on.

Every touch point you have including your email correspondence is a chance to incorporate proof in your marketing.  BUT be sure to test it and don’t assume it will give you an increase.  Plus as with all good marketing it is important to keep track of everything anyway.

We hope this little example will give you some inspiration to run some “proof” tests of your own.
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