5 Landing Page Hacks That Will Boost App Conversions

Guest post by Michelle Leery

Got a great app with a so-so landing page?

You might have spent thousands of dollars developing your app, but a weak landing page is going to harm your conversions.

A good landing page is meant to hook people onto your app and boost your sales. If what you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked and conversions for your app are down, use the five landing page hacks you’ll learn below for better results.

Implement Popups

Landing page hacks that will boost app conversions

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Popups are back, and they could very well be the secret weapon that turbocharges your app’s conversions.
Popups have an average conversion rate of 9.28%. And to put that into perspective, if you get 180 visitors a day, you’d end up with 500 conversions a month. Not too bad, right?

There is a right way and a wrong way to use popups on a landing page, however. Here are two hacks you should know:

1) Nail the timing.

According to Unbounce, a popup should appear after someone has been browsing your landing page for a minute. Why? If someone has engaged with your site for sixty seconds, it means they’re probably interested.
Conversely, if you strike too soon, you could annoy people and cause them to instantly close the popup.

2) Make the right offer.

What’s the best thing you could offer on your landing page? At this point, your prospects are pretty cold, which is why it’s always a good idea to play it safe with a lead magnet.

Add Social Proof

Landing page hacks that will boost app conversions

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Pro tip: Don’t hide your customer testimonials away on some dark corner of your website. Put them front and center on your landing page for all to see. Social proof lends your app credibility.

Just think, would you seriously download an app you’ve never heard of from a company you’ve never heard of that has zero customer reviews? Social proof helps to build trust and nudges people in the right direction.

According to a survey from Dimensional Research, 90% of customers say social proof impacts their buying decision.

But the key is to also consider adding negative reviews to your landing page—just not too many.

Why add negative reviews, you ask?

People want to see if an app has any problems, and they also want to see what you’ve done to fix those problems. So by posting a negative review and replying to it in a constructive way, you show people that you genuinely care about your customers.

Start With The Most Important Information

When writing your landing page copy, you have to remember that you have just a few seconds to catch users’ attention. This is why you should skip the beginning and go straight to the middle.

In other words, forget lengthy introductions and instead hit people with your juiciest information right away. Grab their attention immediately by telling them how your app can change their lives for the better.

Make This Look Easy

Landing page hacks that will boost app conversions

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According to certain studies, one of the prime reasons customers back out of making a purchase is due to an overly complicated purchase process.

Credit card security, meanwhile, is another anxiety that many customers have.

Moreover, the media service provider Netflix knows that a lot of customers have a hard time signing up for new things. After all, does anyone actually enjoy giving out their information online? Heck, most people don’t even want to give out their email addresses, never mind their banking information.

To address this problem, Netflix took steps to remove a lot of the anxiety buyers have about getting locked into a service they can’t get out of by adding a simple “cancel anytime” button to the company’s CTA. You might consider doing something similar.

Add a Logo

Without a logo, your brand is faceless and hard to trust.

A simple way to increase conversions is to create a friendly-looking logo that aligns with your brand’s values and those of your customers, before adding the logo to your landing page.

Not sure how to create a logo? Try Shopify’s logo-maker tool.


These are five landing page hacks that can boost your app’s conversions. They’re all super simple to implement. And even if they increase your conversions by only 1%, that still means more money in your pocket.

Whether your app is free or you charge a fee to download it, there is always room to boost conversions.

Michelle DeeryAbout the author: Michelle Deery is a team member of Heroic Search, Tulsa. She specializes in writing about ecommerce and content marketing. Her advice has been featured by Crazy Egg and Entrepreneur. Follow her on Twitter @MichWriting.