5 Effective Headline Formula Templates

It is absolutely no secret that a good headline can make or break a marketing campaign.

It is almost always one of the first things we test when looking at a campaign, because we know how much impact a well crafted headline can have.

It is often the first thing a visitor sees when visiting your landing page. Without a good one the rest of the content/message on the page is basically worthless.

Being able to craft a solid headline can help in other areas as well, not just on landing pages. Think about it. Anywhere you need a short impactful blurb is where being able to craft a great headline comes into play. Ads, calls to action, blog posts… just to name a few.

Headlines have resulted in anywhere from 30% to 115% improvements on campaigns we have worked on. Just changing the headline!

Today we are going to look at a few headline template formulas for you to use in your marketing efforts.

1. Questions

A good question headline is a great way to get your visitors thinking about the problem that they are looking to solve.

Do you suffer from ________?
Are you struggling to ______?
Are you ______ when you _____?
Can _____ help you _____?

2. How to

“How to” headlines can get right to the problem if used correctly. We have stated this before but people only buy for two reasons and that is gain pleasure and avoid pain. Using how to headlines can help get right to the pain or pleasure.

How to _____ with just _____ steps!
How to be _____.
How to _____ without _____.

3. Shock panic fear

Sometimes you just need a little bit of a shock factor.  Using panic and fear can often lead to increases in conversion rate but you must use some discretion depending on your market.

What _____ won’t tell you.
____ Warning Signs That You May Be ______.
The _____ biggest problem with _____.
The truth about _____
Lies _____ doesn’t want you to know _____.

4. It’s easy

Visitors want simple and since there really isn’t a magical easy button out there it is your job to make your product or service seem like the easiest path to their solution as possible.

Avoid ____ in ____ easy steps.
____ Tips For ____.
Your shortcut to ____.
The ____ Guide To ____.

5. Get Act Discover Unlock Uncover

Tell your visitors what they are in store for right within the headline.

Discover The _____ To _____.
Get ____ For A Full ____ Days FREE!
Act Now To _____.
Unlock The _____ to _____.
Uncover The Hidden _____.

There are literally hundreds of ways to craft effective headlines. The above templates are not meant as an end all. They are meant to help get your creative juices flowing so you can craft your next winning headline variation.

As always be sure to TEST your new headlines. Don’t just assume that your new winning headline is going to win at converting more visitors.

Play around with different angles, be creative, and test fast and often.

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