3 Top A/B Split Testing Ideas To Increase Conversion Rates (Part 3)

Today we continue on our journey revealing the top A/B split testing ideas to increase your conversion rates. If you have watched any of the previous videos you know that there are really only 3 elements that drive conversion rates and that is persuasion, trust, and usability.  Today we are going to talk about 3 specific areas that fall under those elements that you should be testing or at least paying attention to.


Many companies offer guarantees but some are hard set against them.  It really comes down to what you are selling. Typically offering a guarantee increases conversion rates and the increase often out-weighs the downside of actually having to offer refunds.

Test guarantee length 30, 60, 90 1 yr, lifetime.

If you are a bit skeptical about extending a refund to say 1 year, what we have found is most refunds typically happen within the first 90 days regardless of the length of the guarantee, so you need to measure the increase extending it has vs what your refund rate is.

One example of extending a refund is we took one campaign from 90 days to one year and it doubled conversion rates while keeping refunds low, only about a 5% increase.

A former client set himself apart from the competition by being the only person to offer a lifetime guarantee.  He truly stood behind his products and found that it helped push more people into becoming customers and that the majority of the refunds came within 90 days.  Of course there were the occasional ones that came in after 1 year but very minimal.

Test things like wording, graphic style, certificate graphic, seals.  Test various colors of the graphics and the seals as well as we have found that blue seals often out convert the normal gold or yellow that you see everywhere.  Be creative and test to see what works best.

Security seals:

Entering credit card information can be scary, even for well established companies.  Customers want to know they are safe with doing business with you and the best way to do that is the use of trust seals.

Brings credibility, trust, and a level of comfort to your customer knowing they are in good hands.

There are loads of seals out there from 3rd parties and maybe even ones that you already have at your disposal. Verified by visa, verisign, geotrust, trust guard, honest e online, McAfee, seals provided by your merchant, and loads of others.

Test placement, language, and different seals.  You can also test language like “Bank Level Security” or “256 Bit Security” and using a little lock image.

The more trust you can build here typically the better.

Social proof:

Third-party opinions about your product are more credible than your own claims.

Social Proof elements are the testimonials, media quotes, celebrity endorsements, and “as seen on” media logos that boost your credibility and authority to your visitors.

If you have “as seen on” images make sure they are legit and not just a press release you submitted to one of their subsidiary sites.

Don’t have a separate page for these proof elements. You don’t want your visitors to hunt for the proof that your product is legit.  Mix them into your sales messages and throughout your site including your checkout pages.

Things to test are logos, media quotes, screenshots, videos, handwritten notes, different placements, and the use of images vs not.

We have seen improvements anywhere from 30% all the way up to almost 300% improvement by incorporating proof elements.

There you have it.  3 more a/b split testing ideas to increase your conversion rate.  Again be creative, test them out for yourself.

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