The 24 Top Shopify Apps To Increase Sales For E-Commerce Stores, 2021 Edition

With over 6,000 apps available on the Shopify app store, it can be extremely overwhelming when trying to find the best ones for your ecommerce business.

The right app can help save you time while also driving more sales, so it’s key that you find ones that are optimal for you.

In this detailed guide, I’ll go over:

  • Why Shopify apps are so important 
  • The 24 most essential Shopify apps you need to install today
  • How to implement each app
  • How to increase your sales
  • The cost of each application
  • and a lot more

Let’s jump in.

The Importance of Shopify Apps

Shopify apps, if used correctly, have the potential to monumentally impact the performance of your ecommerce business.

Luckily for you, most Shopify apps are easy to set up and very affordable compared to the revenue they can generate.

Here are some of the key benefits they provide:

  • Save time so you can focus on more important tasks
  • Grow store traffic
  • Expand customer base
  • Add referral systems
  • Optimize conversions
  • Improve user experience

All of these key features fulfill the ultimate goal of increasing your store’s revenue and profit down the line

While using Shopify apps to grow your ecommerce sales is possible, it requires proper implementation and execution.

This is why I’ll show you the key features each app has and how to implement them properly into your store.

Furthermore, I’ll avoid showing multiple apps that provide identical functionality.

I noticed that most top Shopify apps guides list several apps that all do the same thing. This makes it even more confusing for people as now they’re unsure of which app to ultimately choose.

It’s much more important to actually pick an application that can potentially improve your business and actually start using it.

That being said, let’s get started.

The 24 Best Shopify Apps You Need To Use Today

I’ve been running ecommerce stores and using Shopify since 2017 and have tested hundreds, if not thousands, of different apps.

The list you’ll find below is a curated set of Shopify apps that have helped me scale dozens of different stores to 6-figures in sales.

Regardless of your store’s niche and current goals, each of these applications can be of value to you if utilized properly.  

1) Rebuy Personalization Engine

(Increase Average Order Value & Revenue)

rebuy personalization engine

Rebuy is one of my favorite applications because of the upsell and cross-sell capabilities it offers. 

Upselling and cross-selling are both strategies that help increase your store’s conversion rate and average order value.

To explain further, upselling and cross-selling are when you recommend additional products that your customers are likely to want.

Rebuy uses AI and machine learning to analyze your store’s data and customer purchase behavior. It then takes this data to create automatic and dynamic upsells, cross-sells, and order follow-ups.

This means that each customer will have unique product recommendations based on their behavior. 

Key Features

  • Real-time personalization and recommendations
  • Add product recommendations at key decisions points: home page, thank you page, cart, checkout, etc.
  • Offers a unique user experience to each customer based on their shopping patterns
  • Create and email links to pre-populated carts with auto-applied discount codes


Rebuy is extremely easy to install and begins working immediately. Simply add the app to your Shopify store and go through the setup process by adding the cross-selling and upselling integrations to your website.

Then, Rebuy will automatically begin collecting data and optimizing your store for each unique customer.

I recommend giving Rebuy a few days to a week to collect data before expecting any drastic results.


Rebuy has three pricing options:

  • Starter (Free) – Up to 50 orders per month
  • Professional ($4.49/month + $0.09/order) – Up to 10,500 orders per month
  • Enterprise ($949/month) – Unlimited monthly orders

The Professional and Enterprise plans come with a 21-day free trial. This allows you to test the application out before committing to a monthly plan.

I highly recommend you take advantage of the free trial and see what Rebuy can do for your online store.

2) Recharge Subscriptions

(Increase Customer Lifetime Value)

recharge subscriptions

Recharge is an application that allows you to set up automatic subscriptions for your products.

For example: if you are selling protein powder, you can allow customers to automatically purchase and receive the product every 4 weeks.  

Key Features

  • Integrates with the Klaviyo email marketing app I’ll discuss later on 
  • Creates brand loyalty
  • Let customers skip and reschedule deliveries
  • Let customers change products
  • Track performance and analytics


Recharge allows you to set up your subscription program in just a few minutes. This is one of the best apps to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of each of your customers.

If you have an ecommerce store with a high customer return rate, this app can optimize the experience for previous customers and guarantee their future purchases.


Recharge has two different pricing plans:

  • Standard (1% + $0.10/order) – Free to install
  • Pro (1% + $0.19/order) – $300/month

The main difference between them is that the Pro plan offers advanced analytics, custom checkout domains, and customizable shopper portals.

3) Justuno

(Increase Conversion Rate and Revenue)

justuno pop ups bundle upsell

Justuno provides an email pop-up, offer countdowns, exit offers, and upsell recommendations. 

It’s a very sophisticated and intelligent application that personalizes customer experiences at different touchpoints. With the ability to run split tests, you can truly take advantage of user data to make informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Display pop-ups on different areas of your website: full-screen overlay, center pop-up, top or bottom banner, and corner slide out
  • Split (A/B) testing to find optimal offers and pop-ups
  • Easy-to-use timers that create a sense of urgency for shoppers
  • Advanced targeting rules: time on the website, items in cart, amount $ in cart, etc.


Justuno is an application that provides a big payoff if you spend enough time going through trial and error. 

By optimizing your pop-ups and offers, you can significantly improve your conversion rate and revenue.


Justuno offers four different pricing options:

  • Free Plan (14 days) – Up to 5,000 visitor sessions
  • Pro Plan 1 ($29/month) – Up to 10,000 monthly visitor sessions
  • Pro Plan 2 ($49/month) – Up to 25,000 monthly visitor sessions
  • Pro Plan 3 ($99/month) – Up to 50,000 monthly visitor sessions

Each plan offers the same features, so the only difference is how much traffic your website is getting.

Furthermore, there are additional plans available for websites with over 50,000 monthly visitor sessions. 

4) Dexter: Price A/B Testing

(Increase Revenue and Conversion Rate)

dexter price split testing

Dexter is an A/B price testing tool that allows you to test different prices for your products. 

This allows you to find the optimal price point for each of your products, which leads to a higher overall profit margin.

By testing and finding the perfect price for each of your products, you can drastically increase your store’s performance without having to touch your ads at all.

Key Features

  • The price tested product will show the same URL – this means you don’t have to change your links on Shopify, Facebook ads, or Google ads
  • Compatible with Klaviyo
  • Begin testing with just one-click
  • Easy-to-understand performance metrics – monitor revenue per 100 visitors to see which price is performing better


After installing the application, all you have to do is:

  1. Select a product
  2. Decide the price difference you want to test
  3. Choose the percentage of visitors sent to the test price

Then, I recommend giving the tool a few days to collect a large enough sample size to determine the best price for your product. You can also continue testing different prices until you find one with the highest ROI.


Dexter is free to install and doesn’t have any limits on the number or duration of price tests. The app charges based on the number of visits to price tests.

5) Bundle Bear

(Increase Average Order Value and Revenue)

bundle bear volume discounts and bundles

Bundle Bear is an incredibly powerful application that allows you to create volume discounts, product bundles, and tiered pricing.

For example, let’s say you have an online ecommerce store selling multivitamins. With Bundle Bear, you can give customers the option to purchase 2 for 5% off, 3 for 10% off, 4 for 15% off, etc.

Here’s an example of what this can look like in your store:

Through volume discounting, you can increase your store’s average order value, which is one of the most important profitability metrics for ecommerce businesses. 

Key Features

  • Easy-to-create product bundles on product pages
  • Offer mix and match product bundles with unique discounts
  • Display discounted prices on product and checkout pages
  • Doesn’t require any theme or code editing
  • Advanced reporting and analytics


Average order value is often overlooked by new ecommerce business owners. 

Think about it like this. 

If you were to increase your AOV and keep your ad spend and the number of conversions per day the same, your store’s revenue and overall profit would have to increase.

So, I recommend creating volume discounts for your most popular products first. Then, you can try adding mix and match bundles with products that are regularly purchased together.


Bundle Bear costs $19.99/month and gives you the ability to create unlimited bundles. It also comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see if the application is right for you.

6) Oberlo

(Find Products and Fulfill Orders)

oberlo supplier and product app

Oberlo is the perfect application for ecommerce entrepreneurs who need help finding products and fulfilling orders.

The app has an entire marketplace of verified products and suppliers to choose from. Furthermore, you can easily add the product to your Shopify store and directly ship the products to your customers from the supplier.

Key Features

  • Find products for any niche
  • Oberlo suppliers can ship the products directly to your customer
  • Test new products without having to purchase inventory upfront


Oberlo is an application that is popular among dropshippers. Dropshipping is a form of ecommerce that relies on the supplier shipping the product directly to the customer. This means that the dropshipper doesn’t need to purchase inventory or ship products.

I recommend using this application if you’re creating a new ecommerce store or looking for more product ideas.


Oberlo comes with two different pricing plans:

  • Explorer (Free) – Add up to 500 products to your store
  • Boss ($29.90/month) – Add up to 30,000 products to your store

Each plan also offers unlimited monthly orders and access to the Oberlo Chrome extension. 

On top of being able to add more products to your store, the Boss plan also offers bulk orders, shipment tracking, multiple staff accounts, and an affiliate program.

7) Replay Site Recorder & Surveys

(Optimize User Experience and Pinpoint Key Issues)

replay site recorder and surveys

Replay is a Shopify application that provides live recordings showing you how users interacted with your store. 

By analyzing replays, you can fully understand how people navigate and browse through your website. This can help pinpoint key issues you might’ve not noticed before.

Key Features

  • Record full user sessions from start to finish
  • Analytics and insights to easily optimize your store
  • Post-purchase surveys sent to shoppers that allow further feedback


You can gain a lot of insight by watching a replay of a user session. Through the replay, you can detect where users get stuck the most during their view time.

Then, you can optimize each of these touchpoints to drastically improve your store’s conversion rate.


Replay offers two different price plans:

  • Free – 100 unique visitors per month
  • Growth ($29/month) – 10,000 unique visitors per month

The Growth plan also comes with a free 7-day trial, custom events, custom rules, and live chat support. 

Furthermore, if you choose to record more than 10,000 unique visitors per month, it costs $10 for every additional 5,000 unique visitors.

8) Better Reports

(Advanced Analytics to Optimize Store)

better reports data tracking

Better Reports is an advanced reporting and analytics application. It feeds you key reports and metrics that allow you to see how your store is performing.

Afterward, you can take the data to better optimize your store.

Key Features

  • Build custom reports based on your own filters
  • Automate when and where you want exports to be shared
  • Cost of goods, profit, and inventory valuation


With the unlimited customizability of Better Reports, there are dozens of ways you can utilize this tool to help your business.

Here are a few examples of how I use it:

  • Track best-selling products
  • Track performance of marketing campaigns
  • Track sales per discount code
  • Track most and least profitable products
  • Track inventory levels
  • Track performance of Facebook and Google ads


Since Better Reports utilizes the data in your Shopify account, the pricing depends on which Shopify plan you have.

If you have:

  • Basic Shopify – $19.90/month
  • Shopify – $39.90/month
  • Advanced Shopify – $149.90/month
  • Shopify Plus – $299.90/month

Each plan offers the same features and comes with a 14-day free trial.

9) Klaviyo

(Email Marketing to Increase Revenue and Drive Traffic)

klaviyo email marketing and SMS

Klaviyo is an email marketing application that allows you to set up automated email sequences and campaigns. 

If you’ve never tried email marketing for your ecommerce store, now’s the time to take advantage.

Through email marketing, you can substantially increase your revenue and conversion rate.

Key Features

  • Prebuilt forms, templates, and automations
  • Send personalized/targeted emails
  • SMS marketing automation
  • One-click integration
  • ROI-based reporting
  • Unlimited A/B split testing


In terms of implementation, I have multiple different automatic emails (sequences/flows) that get sent at various times.

These include:

  • Customer Acquisition Flow – a series of welcome emails for users that entered their email in the newsletter pop-up
  • Cart Recovery Flow – a series of emails that get sent out over 5 days for users who added a product to their cart, but left the store without checking out
  • New Customer Nurture Flow – a series of emails that get sent out as soon as a customer orders a product

On top of the email flows, you can send out massive campaigns to all of your subscribers to promote Holiday or temporary store sales.


Klaviyo’s pricing depends on how many users you have on your email list:

  • Free – Up to 250 email contacts and 50 SMS contacts
  • Email (starts at $20/month) – Up to 500 email contacts and upgrade as you grow
  • SMS (starts at $5/month) – Up to 150 SMS contacts and upgrade as you grow

10) Loox

(Build Social Proof and Trust with Customers)

loox product reviews

Loox is a product reviews app that allows customers to post a review of a product they purchased. Customers can also upload a picture along with their reviews.

Having good product reviews in your online store increases trust with new customers, which in turn leads to more conversions.

Key Features

  • Sends automatic and customizable request emails to previous customers asking them to review their product
  • Beautiful design that brings life to your product and category pages
  • Easy setup and doesn’t slow your website down


Loox, or any other product review app, is a must-have on your Shopify store. Product reviews are highly important in the ecommerce space because people inherently gravitate towards products other users already like.

Think about when you’re shopping online at Amazon. Chances are, you will only buy a product that has 4 stars or above.

Product reviews are even more important for new customers who aren’t familiar with your brand. Just a few product reviews can instantly build the amount of trust needed to capture the conversion.


Each of the four different price plans comes with a 14-day free trial:

  • Beginner ($9.99/month) – 100 monthly review request emails
  • Essential ($29.99/month) – 300 monthly review request emails, Loox widgets, custom questions
  • Growth ($34.99/month) – 6,000 monthly review request emails, video reviews, google shopping, full customization
  • Unlimited ($599.99/month) – unlimited monthly review request emails, customer success manager, priority support

Each more expensive plan comes with all of the features in the previous plans as well.

11) Bulk Product Edit

(Save Time by Automatically Making Large Store Changes)

bulk product edit and CSV import

Bulk Product Edit gives you the ability to quite literally bulk edit your products.

For example, let’s say you wanted to increase the price of all the products in your ‘Hoodies’ collection by 10%. Bulk Product Edit allows you to automatically do this with a click of a few buttons.

Key Features

  • Ability to filter products to edit by collection, type, vendor, tags, title, description, and much more
  • Preview the products that are going to be edited before actually starting the edit
  • Edit using CSV or Excel files
  • Ability to undo bulk edits in case of any errors
  • Schedule edits to be run at later times
  • No downtime on your store when the app is editing


This product is a complete lifesaver for ecommerce stores with over 100 products. Back in the day, I remember having to manually edit over 300 products because a variant was misspelled. 

After discovering this app, I’ve been able to save hours of time and weight off my shoulders.


Bulk Product Edit comes with four different pricing options:

  • Demo (Free) – 10 products per task
  • Basic ($9.99/month) – 500 products per task
  • Professional ($19.99/month) – 5,000 products per task
  • Advanced ($49.00/month) – 50,000 products per task

Each plan allows you to make unlimited bulk edits and CSV import tasks per month. The main difference is how many products you’re allowed to edit per task. 

12) Image Optimizer

(Increase Website Load Time and User Experience)

image optimizer and compression

Image Optimizer is a compression tool that reduces the file size of all the images on your website without sacrificing image quality.

This is a key tool for online stores because it helps decrease your website’s load time

Key Features

  • Improve page load-time which is extremely important
  • Ability to convert PNG to smaller JPG files
  • Provides image backups and restores
  • Automatically scans for new images and optimizes them


This is another must-have application for all Shopify store owners. Slow page speeds will significantly hurt your store’s ability to get customers.

In fact, 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Furthermore, just a 1-second delay in load time reduces customer satisfaction by 16%.

Luckily for you, Image Optimizer is one of the easiest apps to set up. All you have to do is install the app into Shopify, run the program once, and then it will automatically scan for new images and optimize them in the future.


Image Optimizer offers four different plans depending on how many images you want to compress:

  • Free – Up to 50 images
  • Basic ($4.99/month) – 1,000 images per month
  • Advanced ($9.99/month) – 2,000 images per month
  • Premium ($19.99/month) – 5,000 images per month

The only difference between each plan is how many images you can compress every month. All the other features are the exact same. 

13) Plug In SEO

(Drive Organic Traffic )

plug in seo optimizer

Plug in SEO is the leading Shopify SEO app that helps improve search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website

It’s coined as the “All-in-one Shopify SEO App” because it has everything you need to start optimizing your website for the Google SERPs.

Key Features

  • Detect and fix broken links
  • Repair headings, image alt tags, and filenames
  • Easy-to-use templates to edit meta titles and descriptions in bulk
  • Keyword tool with suggestions
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Product, collection, home, and blog page SEO optimization


If you’re familiar with SEO, this application will be extremely easy for you to use. The interface is easy to navigate and everything is self-explanatory.

However, if you’re new to SEO, Plug in SEO has a wonderful catalog of training videos that teach you about SEO and how to improve your Google rankings with this app.

With Facebook ads being harder to use because of the iOS updates, SEO is an amazing way of driving organic traffic to your website.


Plug in SEO has two different pricing plans:

  • Free (Free Forever) – unlimited SEO checks, fix instructions and code, broken link checker, automatic email alerts
  • Plus ($20/month) – automatic SEO improvements, check and fix broken links, structured data, SEO reports, premium support and training 

14) Referral Candy

(Build Loyal Customers and Find New Ones)

referral candy loyalty program

Referral Candy allows you to create a referral program for your customers. 

Referral programs allow your customers to earn points/rewards when they share your products with a friend. Additionally, they will receive the rewards if the friend purchases an item.

Key Features

  • Create post-purchase pop-ups and emails to recruit customers into the referral program
  • Automatically send rewards to customers who’ve made successful referrals
  • Integrate with Klaviyo
  • Ability to track top referrers, total referrals, and social shares
  • Customer success team that helps optimize your app


Referral Candy requires about 30 minutes to set up and launch. Through the setup process, you’ll be creating your pop-ups and emails, as well as the rewards system.


Referral Candy comes with only one pricing plan:

  • Premium ($49/month) – 30 day free trial

Furthermore, you will have to pay commissions for each successful referral sale.

15) AfterShip

(Improve User Experience Through Enhanced Product Tracking)

aftership order tracking

AfterShip is an order tracking app that makes it easy for customers to locate their products.

This is an all-in-one shipment and tracking application that gives yourself and your customers a convenient way of tracking orders.

You can also discover if shipments are being sent on time and if there are any delays

Key Features

  • Auto import previous tracking numbers during first-time setup
  • Integratable with Klaviyo
  • Automatically email customers with the AfterShip Track Button for one-click order tracking
  • Ability to add tracking link to your store’s header or footer for easy tracking
  • Send delivery notifications through email and SMS
  • Ability to customize all tracking pages and messages


If you receive a lot of emails from worried customers about shipping updates, then AfterShip is perfect for you.

This app not only improves your customers’ experiences by allowing them to easily keep track of their orders but also saves you headaches from responding to emails.

I recommend thoroughly going through the setup process and making sure everything is branded and beautiful.


AfterShip comes with four different pricing variations that all offer a free 7-day trial:

  • Free – 50 shipments per month
  • Essentials ($11/month) – 100 shipments per month
  • Essentials Plus ($35/month) – 500 shipments per month
  • Pro ($119/month) – 2,000 shipments per month, dynamic tracking pages, Klaviyo integration, multilingual tracking pages 

16) AVADA Size Chart

(Improve User Experience Through Advanced Size Charts)

avada free size charts

AVADA Size Chart offers a variety of ready-to-use size chart templates that can be instantly applied to your product pages.

This app is ideal for stores that sell bags, shoes, clothing, etc.

Key Features

  • Reduce return rate and complaints by providing accurate sizing
  • Unlimited product size charts
  • Improve the overall user experience
  • Ability to automatically apply the size chart to products/collections you choose


If you own an ecommerce clothing store and don’t have size charts, I highly recommend you implement them today.

AVADA makes it extremely easy to create size charts with their pre-built templates. All you have to do is enter the dimensions of each of your products.


What’s wonderful about Avada is that the application is completely free.

17) ROI Hunter

(Increase Revenue Through Retargeting)

roi hunter for retargeting ads

ROI Hunter is an all-in-one retargeting app that works for Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

It allows you to easily increase your store’s revenue through high-quality retargeting ads.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Retarget previous traffic that never converted
  • ROI Hunter Easy Ads – a feature that gives you a complete marketing tool for Facebook and Google


It’s proven that over 98% of customers don’t purchase a product the first time they visit a new website.

For this reason, well-made retargeting ads are extremely important for the longevity and profitability of your business.

If you’re struggling with a low conversion rate, but have a lot of website visitors, ROI Hunter could be a big game-changer for your online business.


ROI Hunter is a more expensive application because of all the utility it provides.

Here are the four plans and their respective prices:

  • Startup ($49/month) – up to $500 in monthly spend
  • Growing ($149/month) – up to $2,000 in monthly spend
  • Advanced ($299/month) – up to $5,000 in monthly spend
  • Professional ($599/month) – up to $10,000 in monthly spend

Furthermore, each increasing plan offers more features.

18) Shogun Landing Page Builder

(Improve User Experience Through Well-designed Pages)

shogun landing page builder

Shogun allows you to create a variety of beautiful pages using their pre-made templates and widgets.

These pages are fast-loading and provide an unrivaled user experience when compared to standard Shopify theme pages.

Key Features

  • Extensive library of different elements you can use
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Ability to save templates for future use
  • Doesn’t require any coding whatsoever
  • Create beautiful home pages, product pages, about us pages, landing pages, promotional pages, contact pages, blog posts, and much more


I personally use Shogun to create elaborate and informative product pages. Through years of running ecommerce stores, I’ve learned that detailed product pages with high-quality ecommerce copywriting always convert better.

For this reason, I use Shogun to create product pages with enhanced product images and product details such as an ‘FAQ section’ and ‘How to Use’ section.


  • Build ($39/month) – publish 25 pages
  • Measure ($99/month) – publish 250 pages
  • Optimize ($149/month) – publish 350 pages
  • Team ($299/month) – publish 500 pages

19) MSP Sales Notification

(Build Social Proof and Trust With Customers)

msp sales notification application

MSP Sales Notification is a visual pop-up that automatically displays recent sales made on your store.

This can provide a new visitor the confidence needed to purchase the item they want.

Key Features

  • Online visitors notification
  • Recent visitors notification
  • Customize which sales are allowed in the pop-up
  • Customize messages, display position, display time, and much more


In terms of implementation, you can adjust the settings to whatever you desire. I recommend testing a few different options and seeing which settings bring you the highest revenue days.


This app has two different pricing options:

  • Free (Free Forever) – unlimited orders and notifications
  • Best Value ($4.99/month) – unlimited cart and visitor notification, priority support

20) PushOwl

(Increase Conversion Rate and Revenue)

pushowl web pub notifications

PushOwl is a marketing and cart recovery app that uses web push notifications. This is extremely unique because not many stores offer the option of being sent web push notifications.

However, it’s an effective way of luring users back without having to collect their email or phone number.

Key Features

  • Communicate with users who have abandoned their carts without email or SMS
  • Ability to create automated sequences of highly visible web push notifications
  • Create subscriber segments and personalized campaigns
  • Optimize time of delivery based on user location


PushOwl is another application that is perfect for Shopify stores that suffer from low conversion rates.

When users agree to be sent web push notifications, they will automatically be entered into a web push notification flow.


PushOwl offers three different plans:

  • Basic (Free Forever) – unlimited subscribers, 500 impressions per month
  • Business ($19/month) – abandoned cart reminders, hero images, shipping notifications, 10,000 impressions a month, additional impressions are available for purchase 
  • Enterprise (Requires contacting PushOwl to purchase) – subscriber segmentation, flash sale, smart delivery, and much more

21) Product Recommendation Quiz

(Improve User Experience and Conversion Rate)

product recommendation quizzes for your customers

Product Recommendation Quiz is an application that helps customers find the exact product they need.

The quizzes you create guide customers just like a salesperson would. It asks a series of questions, analyzes their answers, and then recommends a product with an explanation.

Key Features

  • Total quiz customization to whatever you need
  • Conditional logic to avoid asking irrelevant questions to customers


If your store has a variety of different products that more or less appear to do the same thing, this app is just for you.

Here are some niches that this applies to:

  • Skincare & Cosmetics
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Sporting & Outdoors


Product Recommendation Quiz comes with one free plan and two paid options:

  • Free Plan (Free Forever) – 100 quiz completions per month, custom quiz design, integrate with Klaviyo
  • Basic Plan ($39/month) – 500 quiz completions per month, instant product and collections sync, advanced quiz analytics
  • Pro Plan ($99/month) – 1,000 quiz completions per month, dedicated account manager, larger plans available discounted rates

22) BEST Currency Converter

(Improve User Experience and Conversion Rate)

best currency converter

BEST Currency Converter is an application that automatically changes the currency of your store to the local currency of the customer. 

For example, if you had a customer visit your store from France, all of your product prices would be converted to euros.

Key Features

  • Currency rates are updated twice a day
  • Auto-detect customer location
  • Supports any currency


This app is perfect for Shopify stores that advertise to a variety of different countries. It may be frustrating for international shoppers to have to convert US dollars to their own currency manually.

Furthermore, you can choose to either auto-convert currency, or give the user the option of selecting their currency using the currency converter button.


This application has two different plans:

  • Free (Free Forever) – add 5 currencies
  • Elite ($9.95/month) – 30-day free trial, 160+ currencies, auto-switch by customer location

23) Timesact

(Improve User Experience and Conversion Rate)

timesact pre-order

Timesact allows your customers to pre-order items that are out of stock.

Key Features

  • Allows revenue generation despite being out of stock
  • Pre-order button support on product pages, quick views, mobile, and AJAX carts
  • Auto-detect and switch out of stock buttons to display the pre-order button
  • Ability to set pre-order discounts
  • Ability to set availability dates


Timesact is perfect for stores that struggle with backorders and low stock. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require you to edit your theme files.


Timesact offers four different inexpensive plans:

  • Free Plan – first 10 pre-sales are free
  • Plan 2 ($4.75/month) – 10 pre-sales per month
  • Plan 3 ($8.55/month) – 25 pre-sales per month
  • Plan 4 ($13.30/month) – 50 pre-sales per month, higher-tier plans available

Furthermore, each plan offers unlimited products and variants. 

24) Trust Hero

(Improve User Experience and Trust)

trust hero badges

Trust Hero is a free application that inserts trust badges to your product page and checkout screen.

First-time website visitors are usually anxious about purchasing from a new store. Furthermore, 15% of abandoned carts were because of concerns over payment security.

So, it’s extremely important to build trust in any way you can on your website.

Key Features

  • Dozens of different trust badges to choose from such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc.
  • Easy to set up and launch


Trust Hero takes less than 10 minutes to completely install and launch. I recommend using all of the payment options trust badges your store supports.


Trust Hero is completely free without any payment plans at all.


I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best Shopify apps to use in 2021 to grow your ecommerce store.

The correct utilization of these essential applications results in more traffic, more conversions, and more profit.

For this reason, I highly recommend picking a few of the apps above that provide immediate value to you and thoroughly testing and learning how to use them optimally.

But now I’d like to hear from you:

What are your favorites? What did we forget?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.