12 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Live Videos And Boost Your Brand (#9 Is Especially Powerful)

Facebook Live is a fantastic way to grow your brand and reach your ideal audience or customer.

One of the main benefits of Facebook Live is that the “barrier to entry to creating content there is very low.” Plus, people watch Facebook Live videos three times longer than normal videos, reports Sean Cannell of ThinkMediaTV.

You can use Facebook Live to give people a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening in your business, host Q&As about your products or services, or present a tutorial. Facebook Live is also a great strategy to boost engagement and build connections with your audience.

Before you jump in head first, however, check out the list of 12 Facebook Live best practices detailed below. 

How to optimize your Facebook Live videos and re-broadcasts:

Here's how you can boost your brand by leveraging (and optimizing) Facebook Live videos.

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Tip 1 – Always do your Facebook Live videos from your business page (NOT your personal Facebook page).

Tip 2 – Before you start recording, come up with a compelling title for your broadcast. The title should target your audience and describe what the broadcast is about.

Tip 3 – Make sure to go widescreen with your videos. That is, position your phone horizontally, not vertically.

Also, while your phone is the only tool you need to do a Facebook Live video, it’s helpful to use a desk tripod to steady your phone and keep it in the optimal position. You might consider investing in a small clip-on microphone as well.

Tip 4 & 5 – The next two tips come from Stephanie Cartin, who says, “Let people know ahead of time that you’re going to go live. This way, they can get really excited to tune in for the live video and start commenting and be a part of the live broadcast.

And do something reoccurring each week or each day so people have something to get excited to come back for each week.”

Tip 6 – During your broadcast, before introducing yourself, do a verbal hook within the first ten seconds to grab people’s attention. For example…

“In this video, I’m going to share 5 proven strategies for how you can increase your conversion rates by up to 20%! But first, let me quickly introduce myself…”

Tip 7 – Don’t worry if anyone is actually watching your video live. You should always do your videos with the re-broadast in mind, which is when you’ll get the majority of your views.

Tip 8 – Keep your introduction brief (3-5 key points). Use this time to establish your authority as opposed to giving your life story.

Tip 9 –  Periodically encourage viewers to engage with your video by liking it or leaving comments. Viewers can do this while your video plays live and during the re-broadcast.

According to Cannell, “Facebook increases the reach of your videos and of your livestreams based on engagement.” So likes and comments are really important.

Here are three simple strategies for how you can seamlessly integrate calls-to-comment (C2Cs) into your broadcasts:

Here's how you can boost your brand by leveraging (and optimizing) Facebook Live videos.

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  1. Direct viewers to type “yes” if they can hear you loud and clear.
  2. Ask viewers to let you know where they’re viewing the video from (e.g. San Diego, CA).
  3. At relevant points, pause and ask viewers if they relate to what you just said by commenting “yes” or “no.”

Additionally, let viewers know that even if they’re watching the re-broadcast, you still review comments and offer responses.

Tip 10 – When it comes to your video’s actual content, keep it concise and relevant (make sure to follow through and deliver on what you promised in your hook). A Facebook Live video’s ideal length is around eighteen minutes, so use that as a benchmark (it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, though).

Tip 11 – Include a call-to-action at the end of your video. That is, what do you want viewers to do after tuning in?

Tip 12 – Change your video’s thumbnail (if you want). You certainly don’t have to do this, but you do have the option either to upload a custom thumbnail or to select from a list of thumbnail options.

What do you think of these tips for optimizing your Facebook Live videos? Have you ever done a Facebook live for your business before? Get in touch and let us know!